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They say the greatest customer you can provide the most value to is who you were 10 years ago. That’s so true. I have a unique and interesting way of looking through the lens. Being a practitioner of acquiring businesses has given me a uniquely qualified and very specific skill set. Regardless if a client is looking to buy a company, sell a company, grow a company to a certain level to then sell, or just get out from underneath and buy your time back, I can help anyone in that cycle.

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Virtual Summit

Virtual Summits are a great way to obtain the information needed for transformation from the comfort of your home, but still plug into the players and the community. 

kyle mallien virtual retreat

Once we’ve identified what kind of business, identified the risk, understood and validated the marketing narrative and whether or not we have a solid deal, we move quickly on how to pay for the deal.

Lastly, the transition phase and understanding how to operate your new multi-million dollar asset and knowing who will do the what moving forward.

Live events

Your network is your Net Worth

In these exclusive live events, your network becomes your net worth. Attendees are not part of the casual, hyped-up crowd; they are either invited or connected to gain access. The high cost of entry ensures a serious and high-caliber group, all focused on buying a business.

These live events foster a supportive environment for newcomers, offering content-rich sessions amidst peers learning at a similar pace. The absence of ego allows for genuine connections with individuals achieving multimillion-dollar success.

The business acquisition segment covers fundamental aspects, from creating an investment thesis to finding on and off-market deals, conducting due diligence, exploring financing options, and orchestrating a smooth transition into operating a newly acquired multimillion-dollar asset.

F.U.E.L Accelerator

a 90 day, 12 week intensive. Post initial 2 days.

A 90-day intensive program focusing on Find, Underwrite, Elevate, and Legacy. As a participant, you’ll join Kyle Mallien’s Inner Circle Group, access a $8,000 course framework, and receive Business Flipping training with Gallant Dill.

Engage in 12 calls with Kyle, daily sessions with expert coaches, and benefit from Deal of the Day insights. Leverage $50,000 worth of templates, in-house Legal Counsel, and a fractional CFO. Ensure transparent finances with a Quality of Earnings Expert.

Learn capital raising with $50,000 templates, connect with a top SBA broker, and explore Down Payment Assistance. Gain a priceless guarantee of investors for your deals and access an On Market Broker Directory worth $20,000.

Tap into Off Market Mail Campaigns, with 2k monthly mailers, and enjoy four live events annually, including an awards ceremony. Fuel your success with a program that educates and empowers in the realm of business acquisitions.

Half day consult 

As a seasoned business acquisition practitioner, I bring a unique perspective to the table, equipped with a specialized skill set tailored for those looking to buy, sell, grow, or optimize their businesses.

A recent success story involved a client drowning in the challenges of a thriving business, unable to break free to focus on its growth. Introducing strategic processes, customer service enhancements, revamped sales procedures, and innovative distribution methods, I transformed their 2M annual revenue into 5.9M within 90 days, with a trajectory toward eight-figure enterprise value. This success is emblematic of numerous case studies in my portfolio.

While my primary focus is on acquiring companies, I offer exclusive growth leverage days, a four-hour session at my office for 50k, available through application. If the recommended strategies fail to deliver a 3x return on investment, I guarantee a full refund.

Protégé Program

Meet Alex and Tristin and a prime example of Protege level help. 

They found their first deal, which was a platform company into the garage door space and 500k in cash flow.  Once they felt comfortable, we put together a plan for them to go buy a competitor. That deal closed within in the next 6 months and another 750k-1M in free cash flow.

Watch Alex’s story unfold here:
Alex Sharf
Play Video about Alex Sharf

After a year being in the space, and two acquisitions, I was able to facilitate a meeting with a personal friend who’s actually in this space and doing 200M+ a year. 

He outlined his SOPs, processes, and what he was looking for in his acquisitions and since has become a guaranteed buyer and co-investor on future deals with them.

Also, because the SBA only lends up to 5M, they’ve reached their SBA cap and needed a dependable option for capital for acquisitions moving forward. In protégé, I can walk them to the finish line, introduce them to potential buyers, and set them up with off-market strategies and trade secret strategies customized to them and their category. 

Leads + unlimited Capital + End buyer = Legacy wealth. 

The same guy who bought a Jc Penney 75$ suit to come to a live event and was 40k in credit card debt is running point on this project. Within 12 months, has two companies and 800k in gross revenue a month. 

Elite Wealth Club

Welcome to the Elite Wealth Club, where Kyle Mallien, a distinguished M&A Buy Side Professional, and Dana Cornell, a former Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Advisor, unite their expertise.

Elite Wealth Club

This exclusive club aims to bridge the gap for High Net Worth individuals, providing access to private equity deals that are typically elusive for those with less than 25M dollars. The Elite Wealth Plan, crafted by Dana Cornell, invites a select group for quarterly meetings, fostering connections among like-minded individuals with shared challenges and intentions.

Join the Elite Wealth Club for an unparalleled journey of wealth-building, strategic investments, and connections with industry leaders.

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