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Your network is your Net Worth

At these live events, you'll meet all the players. This isn't your couple hundred dollar jump up and down hyped up crowd, low barrier of entry deals. 

These people are either invited or know someone to get in this room. It’s expensive to even get in the room. This keeps the barrier high and the calibre of people even higher. It’s designed that way, that way you know everyone else is just as serious as you are to buy a business. 

When you're new to something, it takes courage and the right group thinking to be able to learn and develop. 

The events are so content-rich, it’s like drinking out of a firehouse but you’re surrounded by peers who are learning at your same pace or have been in the community for a long time and have bought a business or two and they will guide you.

There’s no Ego in this room. Yes, there are people doing tens of millions and have sold companies for tens to hundreds of millions and even guys that have managed 1Billion in assets. So if you’ve come for connection, community, resources, funding, operations, marketing specialists, and business builders, you’ll find them all in one room, rowing in the same direction.

San Diego

7 - 10 Feb

Scottsdale Arizona

8 - 11 May

Dallas, Texas

31 July - 3 Aug

Las Vegas

6 - 9 Nov

For the business acquisitions portion, We’ll cover:

All the fundamentals of buying a business
The who, the what, the why, the where, and when
Coming up with your own investment thesis
How to Find the deals both on market and off market
Underwriting and due diligence and uncovering potential risk in the deal
Bank financing and 75 other ways to use the business to pay for the business without risking your own capital

Once we’ve identified what kind of business, identified the risk, understand and validate the marketing narrative and whether or not we have a solid deal, we move quickly in how to pay for the deal

Lastly, the transition phase and understanding how to operate your new multi-million dollar asset and knowing who will do what moving forward

Watch this video from our past live event

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