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In less than a year, you can own a multi-million dollar business that generates 6 to 7 figures in cash flow annually and if you make all the right moves, you could never fail.

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Learn what the wealthy are doing to

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When growing wealth, no one tells you how to make money or keep and invest it when you do

When you look at the Forbes Most Wealthy list, you’ll discover a majority of them have made all their money in private businesses. I’ve discovered and adopted the elite strategies that landed me on INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, San Diego Business Journals’ Top 40 under 40 Business leaders in San Diego and at the head of a publicly registered fund with 20 plus 7 & 8 Figure companies under management

It’s one thing to do that for myself, but since I’ve been sharing my systematic process and lessons, Students have bought 100M worth of transactions in the first two years of mentorship. I have over a decade’s worth of experience in Private Equity and underwriting 50+ Deals a week for 10 years, and I’ve distilled all that information into a simple process that can help anyone buy a multi million dollar business with potentially six figures of income within a year.

Here’s the best part – I’m a real-life practitioner in the trenches of this business every day, just like you!

Everyone has either an Income problem or a Tax problem

Everyone has either

an Income problem 

or a Tax problem

If you make less than 1M in income, you have an income problem
If you make More than 1M in income, you have a tax problem.
Which best describes you?

I have your next moves...

Income Problem

I work with countless Doctors, Lawyers, Sales, HR, and Accounting corporate folks. All walks of life and they have one thing in common. They’re REALLY good at their jobs. The problem, is they either hate it, hate the structure, feel like they could get replaced at any time, and or could simply be burned out.

The biggest revelation I hear after being introduced to acquisitions is, WHY don’t they teach us this? How is this possible?

They don’t want you to know this is even an option. They, want you to go to school, be a good student, learn to do the things that make the organization move forward, and be just happy enough and just comfortable ENOUGH to not leave. 

My goal for these folks is to put you on my back and get you across the finish line. First, Replace your income. Second, Build generational wealth for you and your family; not your current boss. One deal can replace your current income.

Tax Problem

You most likely already have a great business. You make gobs of money. Your wealth manager at UBS says you should be sticking to a 60/40 asset allocation program for your liquidity and stock assets.

You hate those guys mostly cause you don’t trust them and you don’t understand what you own and they give you just enough information to keep you at bay. Most retail investors, make 4% annually net of fees.

That’s just the cash on cash returns. Did you know that when you buy tax advantage deals with equipment, you get to use the IRS code to your advantage and offset any FFE or equipment in a deal against your current income in your other companies? Do you mean to tell me I could buy a company for the equipment and potentially wipe out my other income while creating another stream of income? Yes. Just like cost segregation in real estate, accelerated depreciation rules are at play, potentially offsetting any other income that’s active for you.

You’ve made all your money in small business or real estate. You understand it. You understand how to force appreciation and find the gas pedal in most things. You know there’s a better way to do this and acquisitions are a force multiplier to your wealth. 

If you have a great business, going vertical and owning/buying parts of the supply chain is the greatest way to save

Whether you are just starting your business buying journey or you already have a few deals under your belt, I can meet you where you are and guide you to the next level in your wealth journey.

The F.U.E.L Process

The most impactful gift I can offer is sharing my daily process

For over a decade, I’ve assessed 25,000 deals—50 weekly, 2500 yearly. In the last 2 years, my method guided 75 students to secure $90M+ in deals. With this roadmap, you can enter cash-flowing businesses, acquiring multi-million dollar deals generating six figures in net income, without needing to be a rocket scientist.



Find Identification. Find the deal based on your core skill set.



Underwriting Financial Modeling. How to pay for the deal. 



Elevate Growth & Professionalization. How to manage & grow the business



Legacy Exiting. How to sell the company and exit for the most amount of money.

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Students have done over $100 million in deals under the mentorship of Kyle Mallien. Here’s what they have to say about their real-life experience in buying and selling businesses:

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